12 Best Gifts for Women

It is always easy to select gifts for women. However, if you are clueless of what to buy for your wife, girlfriend, sister or mom, read on for some gift ideas for her birthday, anniversary, Valentine's, Christmas or non-occasion days!

Bath and Body Products
Most women love pampering themselves with body and bath items to make them smell and feel great such as perfumed shower gel, body lotions, sugar scrubs or body sprays. Make sure you know which fragrance she prefers. The Body Shop offers great affordable bath and body packages from time to time.

Cosmetic and Fragrance Sets
Most women love to make up and apply perfume unless she is allergic to it. Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden offers variety cosmetic and fragrance sets to choose from. You can also go to / to get her fantastic make up pallets she would definitely love.

Few women will resist chocolates but do buy quality ones (check out instead of those from drug stores. Then again, make sure she is not on a diet or else buying her chocolates will be a waste of effort and you may have to munch all that chocolate yourself.

Diamonds / Pearls
Diamonds or pearls such as earrings, pendants or bracelets are precious gifts women will never say no to. However, make sure they are genuine.

Sexy Outfits
Outfits such as naughty knickers, thongs or lace teddies are great gifts for that special occasion, especially on Valentine’s Day to spice up that sexy occasion.

Massage / Spa Treatment
Buy her gift vouchers to a local spa or bring her there to let her choose which ever treatment she wants to do, be it a manicure, pedicure or full body massage. Or else, you can always purchase a bottle of massage oil and massage her at home! My boyfriend massages me frequently especially after love making and it made me feel so pampered and loved.

Cook for Her
Cooking for her is the best romantic gesture. You may also want to surprise her with a candle light dinner. It does not matter if you are a lousy cook, because eventually she will appreciate your effort rather than the taste or quality of the food.

Handmade Gifts
If you are creative and the handy type, then show off your skills and make a unique masterpiece for your beloved one, be it a handmade jewelry, photo frame, etc. It is not that expensive and she would feel extra special knowing that you created a gift for her with great efforts.

I have not seen women who do not like receiving flowers. So, send her those flowers, even on a non-occasion day, because it shows that she is always on your mind and you are not sending those flowers to her on special occasions only. We all love small surprises without reason.

Stuffs for her hobby
I cannot suggest getting her something that is related to her hobbies because I don’t know her… So, if you really care for her, you should know what hobbies interest her and what to buy for that.

A Shopping Trip
Ok, this is an expensive one, but if you can afford it, then why not? A trip to Japan, Europe or places she wants to go would definitely melt her right away; of course you do not want to overspend until your wallet is dry.

Your unconditional love
Nothing above compares to this! Yes, by loving her unconditionally and showering her your undivided attention, you are already giving her the best gift any women can ask for. If you can, create more time with her, go to places where both of you can spend quality time and do things that you both enjoy.

12 Best Gifts For Men

It is always easy for men to get gifts for women but it is definitely hard work for us women to get him presents that will hit his sweet spot, whether it is his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. If you have trouble deciding between a coffee mug and a wallet, then you should to read on.

It could be leather belt, leather wallet, leather bookmark, leather keychain or leather anything! Unless he is allergic to hide or has strong reasons not to it (religion, for example), a man always appreciates leather, primarily because it lasts. Guys are big on practicality, and if you give him a leather wallet to replace his old one, that means he does not have to shop for another one for at least 10 years! Hehe…

Mobile Phone Case
As long as a mobile phone is in a man’s pocket, there is always the risk of it falling out unbeknownst to him. So, pay a visit to the mall to find a case that fits. Make sure you know the exact brand and model of his phone first. Get an original case from the phone manufacturer itself, if possible.

Gadgets and Gizmos (any kind)
Meaning a thumb drive, USB-powered fan or massager, funky five-button mouse or Bluetooth hands free kit. Then again, do note that a gadget is only as useful as its owner makes it. For example, a writer would most certainly prefer a functional keyboard instead, but an addicted computer gamer would appreciate an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. You may also consider a gadget for his car, from battery voltage meters to altimeters to car hands free kits, gizmos for wheels are aplenty.

Wristwatch, desk clock, wall clock, bathroom clock or anything in between are great material gifts that last long too.

Pens, pencils or other such cool stuff he can use at work are wonderful gifts for men. By getting him a Parker to replace his Kilometrico, you are telling him that what he does is important, not just to him, but to you as well.

Personal Vouchers
It means vouchers sign by you that can’t be bought anywhere! You can create vouchers which are redeemable by him for things like massage, backrubs, footrubs and other “personal / intimate services” you think he would enjoy. However, do not give away vouchers for things that you have difficulty doing and do not make promises you cannot or will not keep.

Laptop Case
Do him a nice turn by getting him a new laptop case that is lightweight and has a) lots of pockets; b) a hard case to protect the contents; c) security features. Make sure you take note of the type of notebook (widescreen, mini, regular) he has so that you don’t get something that is too big or too small.

Electric Shaver
The electric shaver is one of those things that a man would like to have but will never buy for himself. Guys like it because of the convenience it offers. It is also important to get one that comes with rechargeable batteries.

Tie Pin
Most men style guides are pretty rotten, unless he is a fashion designer or maybe gay. Men have always been hopeless at matching the clothes they wear to occasion. So, match stuff for him and he will love you for that! Also, remember to always buy a tie to go with a tie pin!

Smelling good stuffs
After shave, perfume and body spray are all great gifts and are welcome every time. This also a way to keep him smelling good all year round. I bought a Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for my guy for when I came back from my Taiwan trip and it certainly puts a smile on his face.

Car stuff
Guys who love their cars are so easy to please when it comes to presents. To car enthusiasts, great gifts equals anything that they can use on their car – polish, glimmer, weird lights, dashboard displays, bumper stickers, car seat embellishments, gear shift knobs, steering wheel covers and the list goes on and on.

Shopping vouchers
Shopping vouchers are a pretty shameless way of admitting that you have no clue what to get him… LOL! However, before you buy a shopping voucher, you would do well to at least put some thought into what and where he would like to shop.


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