A warm welcome to all,

I will begin this blog in the coming days to contribute lots of articles about love and relationships, on searching for the terrific partner, and most important of all, on how to secure a worthy, wonderful and great relationship.

I will also share some of my personal experiences here. I enjoy learning, I guess I am like a sponge with thirst for knowledge. Being someone who has been through numerous dramas and nightmares in relationships, but of course there were good times too, I am here to share experiences and mistakes I have captured and learned from the past and hopefully to provide some valuable thoughts to everyone, regardless if you are single, searching, in love, married or divorced.

In addition, I have also started another blog dedicated to beauty, make up and some product reviews. Do feel free to check it out.

So... stay tuned! I will be updating my blogs regularly or even daily, whenever I have time. So, do visit often for fresh updates. Peace!

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