How to ask a guy out and get a YES!

Guys simply love if you ask him out. Why? It is because some guys fear rejection or simply because they want to save effort doing all the scary hard work. Furthermore, there is no risk of suffering a humiliating “no”!

We all know that it is OK to ask a guy for a date, especially if you are certain that he is also interested in you. So, would you be brave enough to do it? If your answer is yes, how can you do it right and how can you guarantee that he will not turn you down? It is actually not that difficult to date a guy. Well, read on for step-by-step guide to getting a YES from him…

1. Be sure that he is really interested
This is very important! How? You can initiate a casual conversation with him and observe his reactions to you. If he fancies you, the conversation will go on smoothly. You can also tell him a crap joke and see if he laughs. If he laughs all right and genuine, he is yours! For more tips, check out my article on how to tell if he likes you. I have listed 50 ways to tell if a guy is interested in you.

2. Do not judge a book by its cover
It is not necessary that he does not like you if he has not asked you out. It is more likely that he is worried that he might look goofy to you, and most important of all, he is scared of you saying “no” to him.

3. Make inquiries or do some homework about him
Ask around to find out about his interests, hobbies and favorite hang out place. Remember to do it discreetly! You do not want to announce it to the entire world.

4. Flirt with him the right way
• Smile and be courteous at all times.
• Create friendly chats with him as much as possible once you are well-equipped with information about him and impress him with your “natural” knowledge.
• Compliment him. Tell him something like he looks great, but do not overdo it. You only have to make him feel comfy around you.
• Listen to him alertly. This is one of the most effective flirting skills.
• Touch him on his appropriate body parts only and not too much of it. A light touch is enough to send the message across to him.

5. Think of a right way to ask him out
You need to ask him the right question without being too aggressive or desperate if you crave for a positive answer instead of asking the wrong question and create an opening for him to reject you.

Don’t ask… “Would you like to go out with me some day?”
Ask... “So when shall we go out?”

Don't ask... “Do you want to send me home?”
Ask... “I am going now and you could always walk / drive me home”

Don't ask... “Shall we go for a movie this Saturday?”
Ask... “We could meet up if you are planning to go to the pictures on weekend. What time is good for you?’

Don't ask... “Will you be my boyfriend?”
Ask... “When do you think you and me could get together?”

6. Finally, make the approach to date him!
Decide on how you are going to ask him. Do you want to call or ask him face to face? If your cheeks are easily blushed, it is better to use the phone. Do not leave a note for him or beg a friend to ask him for you. Make sure you ask him yourself.

Good luck!

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  1. I admire the way you make everything sound so easy. I'll keep your advice to heart. Now, all i need is a good, strong wine to help me kick up the courage to do as you have suggested. It's the courage that determined success in regards to matters like these.

  2. gravatar Anonymous

    K I'll try

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