Foods to put you in the LOVE Mood & Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello again! Before I begin, allow me to sincerely wish all my readers and followers a Happy Valentine's Day! I apologize for this late post because I have been extremely busy these days since Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year (I am a Malaysian Chinese) falls on the same day this year.

Ok, with reference to my last post on Romance Tips for Valentine's Day, I have posted 6 very inexpensive romantic tips to keep your relationship sizzling on that night of romance and under Romantic Tip No. 6, I mentioned about foods to put you in the mood for love and feeling frisky. And YES, certain foods are indeed rich in substances that our body needs to reach its sexual peak as studies and researches confirmed. So, please read on to find out which food that can get you all romantic and charged this Valentine's! ;)

1) Bananas
You will love this fruit for that bedroom endurance. Why? Bananas can help to ciculate testosterone in the blood as it contains magnesium. Testosterone, in turn, will improve libido. In addition, bananas also contain a natural feel good chemical which is called serotonin which can put you in good mood for mushy feeling. So, prior to making out, eat some bananas. Sharing a banana split is fun too =)

2) Asparagus
Want to stir some lust? Eat stalks of asparagus 3 days in a row! Do you know that our kidney is an organ that is said to regulate libido? And asparagus is known as a tonic for the kidneys according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Mostly phytoestrgens, or steriods in asparagus act like a blast of hormone theraphy to get you in the loving mood.

3) Oysters
Oysters have been long known as a natural libido-booster. Its key ingredient is mineral zinc for testosterone production, thus enhancing sexual performance for both men and women. Oysters also contain vast amount of amino acids that accelarate the rush of sexual hormones. So, if you want to benefit more from the minerals in an oyster, make sure you chew them thoroughly.

4) Flaxseeds
One tablespoon of flaxseed per days helps increase libido-boosting testosterone, thanks to the vitamins it contains. Flaxseeds also contain great source of omega-3 and omega-6, which are essential for sex hormones. An alternative to flaxseeds would be Tongkat Ali to increase sex hormone levels even greater and it is scientifically proven.

Valentine's Day is 2 days away and I am so excited! I even thought of a Valentine's eye make up look for that night. Please check out the my eye make up tutorial for Valentine's Day at my beauty channel HERE. Oh, if you haven't got your love anything for Valentine's, do check out the right side bar under Recent & Famous Posts for last minute Gift Ideas.

Stay tune for my next post on My Valentine's Day and Gift =)
Have fun and remember to be safe!

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