Love Quiz 1 - Are you in a healthy and happy relationship?

Many of us stay in a relationship despite it is an unhappy one because of the love we have for that special someone. Then again, a bad relationship is unhealthy for your mind, body, health and it can raise blood pressure, stress levels and cause emotional ache. Try my relationship quiz below to find out if you are in a healthy relationship and how you can fix it if your relationship is gloomy. Just match your answers to the corresponding icons or shapes and add up to check your result at the bottom of this post.

1) How often do you and your partner argue?
Once in a while to clear the air
Sometimes but I always feel iritated with my partner's behaviour but I am tolerating
Almost never
Almost daily

2) What is the main cause for argument?
Insignificant and silly matters
Clashes in opinions and views on life
Not spending enough time together

3) How do you and your partner get back to normal after an argument?
It will be days for us to speak to each other again
We forgive and forget quickly
We just go to bed and it will be all OK when one of us apologize the next morning
We discuss calmly for a win-win solution

4) How often do you feel emotionally secure with your partner?
Most of the time
Once in a blue moon
On no account

5) Do you trust that your partner is faithful?
Not when things are ugly between us
No way! I strongly suspect that my partner is having an affair!
I guarantee that my partner will never ever cheat on me
We all make mistakes, but I trust that my partner would not betray our love

6) What is your sex life like?
Good most of the time
Can be better

7) If you are having a bad day, will you go to your partner for comfort?
Depends, sometimes I feel better talking to a close friend
No, my partner will not comprehend, we will end up arguing and I will feel worse
Yes, my partner never fails to cheer me up during my depressing times
Yes, he will listen to me, allow me to complain and then do something sweet that makes my day again

8) How would you feel if you ever break up with your partner?
No! I can't imagine living my life without my partner
I will feel sad and devastated of course, but I know I will move on after that
I think about it at times but I end up staying at the end
I feel life will be so much meaningful and wonderful all over again

9) Which of the followings stresses your life most?
What is stress?
My relationship
A little bit of everything

10) How happy are you in your relationship?
I am very happy
I am good most of the time
Not happy most of the time

Mostly - It is TOO Healthy
A relationship with no arguments is too good to be true. Arguments may not be entirely unhealthy for a relationship. Infact, arguments enhance the relationship with better understanding and also help to reconcile differences  to help relationship to grow. The key is to argue the smart way! Hence, do not be afraid to reveal your true self and it is absolutely OK to argue once in a while provided you do not argue over senseless matters.

Mostly - Wow!
Keep up the good work. You are in a stable relationship that offers mutual support. However, always keep in mind that you may still be in the honeymoon period or the experiencing the excitement of falling in love. You may need to work harder to keep the sparks alive once normality sets in. I would suggest you check out my post on 123 ways to express your love to maintain your relationship healthy and alive ;)

Mostly - Err??
You are in a so-so relationship with uncertainties about whether you should continue or leave your relationship. This is not very healthy and often this is the time when people have affairs due to insecurities. You should rediscover the reasons why you chose to be with your partner initially and plan some quality time together to revive feelings of love and build on understanding.

Mostly - OMG!
It is time for you to save or leave your relationship. If you feel that the relationship is worth saving, make effort to improve the relationship to a state that is acceptable to both of you or seek professional help. However, if the relationship is resulting too much stress, depression or health problems, it is time to say goodbye.

Good Luck and stay tune for more quizzes =)

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  1. A big help to determine where our relationship is at. Clever points to consider here. More power to your love blog! By the way, it might interest you too to have your own free and easy to manage love and relationship forum. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Mitch and Passionate Blogger for visiting. May your relationship be wonderful and sweet always ;)

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