Romantic Tips for Valentine's Day

Hey everyone. It is that romantic time of the year again. What have you planned for your dearest? Remember to check out my posts on 12 Best Gifts for Women and 12 Best Gifts for Men for gifts ideas. If gift ideas are not enough and if you are planning for an unforgettable Valentine's Day treat for you and your dear, here I have additional 6 very inexpensive romantic tips to keep your relationship sizzling on that night of romance =)

Remember that you do not have to buy something expensive. Sometimes, small gestures can easily bring back that loving feeling.

Romantic Tip No.1
Make a compilation of songs you both enjoy. They can include all types of songs, even rap or rock, as long as you know you both will enjoy listening to as a couple.

Romantic Tip No. 2
Write love messages! Leave sticky notes around the house for your loved one to find, such as on the fridge, on the writing desk, on the computer, his golf set or briefcase, or even on the cellphone! Simple messages like "I love you" or "I miss you" is great enough to put you and your partner in the right mood...

Romantic Tip No. 3
Create a scrapbook of your love journey. Hmmm... you can include favorite photos, cherished mementos and love notes. Or if you still have that ticket stub of the most romantic movies you both watched together, you can include it in =) Creating a scrapbook does not only record the lovely moments you had together but also, when you and partner look at it, it can relive those tender moments.

Romantic Tip No. 4
Dinner! Prepare your partner's favorite dinner and do not forget to light those candles. Favorite dinner does not mean expensive food. It can be burgers, pizzas and fries as long as you both enjoy! So, who said that a romantic candlelight must include steak and wine? Make desserts if your darling has a sweet tooth, for example, a chocolate dessert topped with strawberries. Very yummy! :P

Romantic Tip No. 5
Despite the above, always remember that being together on this romantic is the most precious gift, regardless of how hectic your lifestyle and work schedules are. Spend QUALITY time together. Go to a spa, biking, take a walk on the beach, boating, hiking, etc both of you enjoy doing. Leave aside those daily stress and just FOCUS on appreciating each other's company.

Romantic Tip No. 6
There are foods to put you in the mood for love and feeling frisky. Great if you already knew what they are. If not, stay tuned for my next post on foods to put you in the love mood.


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  1. Hehe cute blog. I'm trying to do sweet gift number 3.. don't think i'll have enough time though :( scrapbooking is a lot of work.

  2. Hi dear. Thanks for visiting. Ya, no.3 is kinda time consuming. I guess the easiest tip is no. 2. Hehe.. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day ;)

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  4. Dear Claudia, appreciate your kind comments and advice heaps! It made me feel so motivated to continue blogging. Many thanks for recommending a site for me to promote my blog, for bookmarking and sharing my blog. It is really great to have awesome visitors like you. Much appreciated and do come back for more =) Happy Valentine's Day and take care.

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