123 ways to express your love

It is a wonderful feeling being in love and to be loved in return. However, the sparks of love may weaken as time goes by due to busy schedules, lack of communication and mainly because we dare not speak the loving words or do the actions. We may say to the one we love many times “I Love You” but it is the actions, the surprises and little things we do for each other that enhance the relationship, thus keeping it alive.

Actions speak louder than words. Here are 123 romantic and proven ideas to express your love and to surprise the person who matters most in your life!

1. Rent a romantic or sentimental DVD and enjoy the movie wrapping into each other’s arms
2. Introduce your dearest to family members, relatives and friends
3. Trust and respect each other
4. Support each other’s career
5. Declare your love under personal advertisement in the newspaper (this is BIG! Haha)
6. Call the radio station your love one listens to, express words of love and dedicate a song
7. Do not compare your love one with anyone else
8. Be courteous all the time. Say please when asking for favors and thank each other for little things done
9. Use soft languages in an argument
10. Apologize to each other after an argument
11. Forgive each other unconditionally
12. Do silly stuff together
13. Enroll in dancing lessons together
14. Shampoo his or her hair
15. Compliment your love one, once a day with something or anything
16. Own a special romantic love song and sing along
17. Acknowledge your love one’s feeling whether you agree or disagree
18. Engrave “I Love You” on a bar of soap
19. Go for vacations together
20. Cook for your love one
21. Do prayers together
22. Respect your love one’s parents and siblings
23. Have a warm, scented bath together
24. Warm up towels with a dryer for few minutes and wrap him or her warm after shower
25. Take emergency leave or call in sick and spend the time doing something special
26. Love him or her unconditionally
27. Create your own greeting cards for your love one
28. Provide care, understanding and reassurance
29. Leave your love one loves notes at places only he will see
30. Call from work and say, I love you
31. Give each other a massage every week
32. Do facial for each other
33. Give kisses and hugs to each other daily
34. Tell your love one you love him or her when he or she is upset
35. Send your love one fresh flowers, not just on special occasions
36. Ask question on each other’s day
37. Give each other space to recover from daily stress
38. Listen to each other patiently and not passively
39. Solve problems together
40. Try to accept each other’s weaknesses
41. Remember the important dates – birthday, valentine’s day, anniversaries, etc
42. Practice honest communication with each other
43. Take his or her side when he or she is upset with someone
44. For guys – do not fight with your love one for another woman other than your mom
45. Do house chores together
46. Spend time walking the dogs together
47. Surprise your love with a glass of fruit juice when he or she steps out from shower
48. Put a heart shaped chocolate in a jacket or handbag for a loving surprise
49. Take a loving photo together, put it in a classy frame and display it
50. Make a bookmark, paste your picture on it and put it in the book your love is reading
51. Light plenty of candles, play soft music and hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door
52. Leave a mushy message in your love’s hand phone’s answering voice mail
53. Serve breakfast in bed or at dinner time
54. Show up for lunch surprise at work
55. Arrange for candlelight dinners at least once a month
56. Share a favorite or romantic dessert together
57. Compile a photo album or create a CD-ROM of the best times together
58. Send a love letter and pour out your feelings
59. Buy your love’s parents a nice meal and thank them for creating such a wonderful person
60. Say I love you in different languages
61. “Warm up” your love’s side of bed while waiting for him or her
62. Energize his or her day with a good morning kiss and “I love you”
63. Have short conversations with your love daily during office hours
64. Send him or her love text messages on the mobile phone daily
65. Walk together in public areas and hold hands
66. Buy each other a ring as a symbol of love
67. Place your love’s hand over your heart when driving
68. Kiss your love at every chance you have
69. Surprise your girl by handing her the TV remote control
70. Call your love at work and tell how much you miss him or her even if you are busy
71. Call your love in the middle of the night and sing, “I just called to say I love you”
72. Call to wish your love one good night and seal it with a kiss
73. Burn a CD of love songs that speaks the commitment of your heart
74. Accompany your guy watching football
75. Make love to him or her every night until he or she asks you to stop
76. Share your romantic fantasies with your love
77. Tattoo his or her name on a preferred part of your body
78. Toast each other during dinner, make a commitment and drink to it
79. Have a walk on the beach and enjoy the moonlight
80. Offer to wash his or her car
81. Book a nice hotel room in town for a romantic weekend break
82. Surprise him with a striptease and leave him wanting more ;)
83. Remember your love’s likes and dislikes
84. Have tolerance of your love’s mood swings during her menstrual period
85. Share every moment of happiness and grievances together
86. Show happiness when he or she comes home
87. Give your best to him or her
88. Tell your love he or she is your greatest fan
89. Feed your love during mealtimes
90. Drive her to anywhere she wants to go
91. Learn how to do manicure and pedicure for your girl
92. Shave for your man
93. Send romantic e-cards to your love declaring undying love
94. Experiment kamasutra with your love
95. Carry your love’s picture with you
96. Shop together for things each other enjoy
97. Tell your love how much you want a lifetime with him or her, and be honest!
98. Create a website for your love - include poetries, pictures, romantic messages and songs, etc
99. Leave some surprise romantic messages on his or her computer or laptop
100. Go for a mystery ride. Keep your love guessing and drive to the surprise destination
101. Learn to say I love you in different languages
102. Make a heart shaped chocolate cake or mousse
103. For women – send him a kiss via mail. Apply the reddest lipstick and blot it on a scented card
104. In a snow-white winter, draw a heart and write I love you in the snow where your love is sure to notice
105. Call from your business trip and tell your love how much you want him or her to be there with you
106. Give your love a surprise air-ticket to join you for the weekend if you are traveling on business
107. Buy a sexy night wear and hide it under her pillow with a note “I hope you will wear it for me tonight”
108. Surprise your love one with bouquet of flowers at work or at home
109. Use other romantic words such as I value you, I adore you, etc to express love other than I love you
110. Surprise her with a piece of jewelery in a champagne glass
111. Master the recipe of making your lover’s favorite drink or dessert
112. Try to spend as much time with your lover
113. Recap your first date together
114. Surprise your love one on a weekend morning with breakfast
115. Duplicate a set of your house keys to him or her, if you staying alone
116. Give her a No Question Asked bank account
117. Take your love to a local art museum or a romantic theatre play
118. Make a list of your love’s personal traits that you admire most and give it as a gift
119. Surprise your love’s evening with a hired chauffeur in a limousine to take her to dinner with you
120. Emboss romantic words on a t-shirt and wear it together
121. Try new and dangerous activities together such as bungee jumping
122. Have compassion, tolerance and loyalty to each other
123. Plan for the future hand in hand!

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  1. I was very encouraged to find this site. The reason being that this is such an informative post. I wanted to thank you for this informative analysis of the subject. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  2. Thank you dear for visiting and your kind appreciation.

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  3. gravatar Anonymous

    What is so amazing about your post is I just realized my fiance and I already do most of your list naturally I know I have found my true love thank you for a list to remind me we can always do more together

    Maybe you can add this to your list

    Learn to do something that your lover likes to do so that you can share what they love together I did this I learned how to play some of the video games he enjoys

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