10 Best Places To Meet Men

Hey all. I have not been able to update my blog lately. My dad is admitted for alcohol induced liver disease :( Nevertheless, life goes on... Today, I am going to list 10 best places to meet men :) and I hope single ladies out there may find this useful. So, read on and follow me if you like my articles. I will be updating my blog more frequent from now on.

Many men spend their free time engaged in sports activities.  Any woman so inclined has terrific potential for meeting lots of interesting men. And the following tips will point you to the direction of Cupid’s arrow…

The Grocery Store / Market
Many men shop after work on Monday or Tuesday night, or on Saturday morning. You can “accidentally” bump your cart into his, and then strike up a conversation about, um, the pros and cons of eating red meat for instance…lol!

These romantic events tend to bring out the best people. You are dressed up, he is dressed up, music is playing and the champagne is flowing.

Dog Runs
Ok, I am a dog lover myself. Basically, you can walk your dog in a park or any other place in your city where dog lovers tend to congregate. You can comment on how cute his pet is.

Music Stores
Many music outlets allow you to sit and listen to the disc before you buy it, so this gives you a good opportunity to mingle with the men in the store. Just start by asking a cute guy his opinion on a certain CD or group.

Political Events
There is nothing like working on a campaign to meet men with similar values.

Public TV and Radio
If your interest are social and you are interested in the media, volunteer to help out at your local public television or radio station. Likewise, you can also participate fun events organized by most radio stations.  

Hardware Stores
These outlets are a great place to meet men, especially those who are handy around the house.

You may have gotten yourself a decent man if he attends religious services regularly. Well, maybe...

The gym is a great place to meet single men. So, exercise your heart while you exercise your muscles. Hehe…

Parties and Friends
You can throw a party yourself and invite friends to bring their friends along! Likewise, open up and be seen by attending parties where there is a good mix of singles. 

Have a lovely day everyone =) 

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