How to be a good boyfriend

Hey guys! Here are 10 things you can do to be a good or should I say a caring boyfriend =)

Be honest with her and with yourself. Never cheat because it will backfire on you. I caught my ex-boyfriend cheating on me and once is enough to convince me to dump him right away, even though the relationship is already 3 years.

Just be yourself. Do not try to impress her, whether it is by saying or doing things you would not do normally in an effort to sound cool or stay quiet just because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Over-impressing someone will sometimes affect the way you act and she will notice you to be fake and unnatural eventually. So, just be your real self and he will love it. Always remember that he chooses you because you are you and there is no one quite like you.

Communicate with her. Communication is vital in any relationship. Exchange views and thoughts. Do not do all the talking and expect her to listen to you only. Be a good listener for her as well. Make sure you are really listening when she is talking and do not just wait for your chance to talk or keep talking about yourself.

Have compassion. Try to put yourself in her shoes and you will actually know how she feels and what she is going through. This will eventually enhance the relationship with better understanding.

Understand her moods. Women are pretty emotional and sensitive. Most of us tend get agitated easily particularly when our menses approaching. So, bear with the emotional tantrums.

Be polite, please! Have good manners, say thank you, please and say goodbye before ending calls. Do not hang up the phone suddenly. It is a turn off having bad phone manners and impoliteness is very irritating. Oh yeah, please avoid cursing as well.

Do not embarrass her.
Do not go around telling others (even if it is your best friend) about her without her consent. It is a major disrespect and it will hurt her. If you both argued over an issue, do not tell others before discussing the solution with her.

Be thoughtful.
Remember important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries and make plans to surprise her. Do not let the relationship turn dull as time passes by. Check out 123 ways to express your love for quick ideas.

Love her for who she is. Do not attempt to change her or compare her to your ex-girlfriends or any celebrities of your fancy. Remember, you chose her initially because of her and not because you want her to be someone else.

Practice good hygiene. Most girls would rather have a boyfriend who cares for hygiene than a boyfriend who is good looking but lack of hygiene. So, take care of your skin, hair and overall health.

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