How to be a good girlfriend

Falling in love is great, especially if you have stolen the heart of your dream guy! However, there are things you must know if you want to be the coolest girlfriend around!

Just be yourself

Do not be desperate to impress him, whether it is by saying or doing things you would not do normally in an effort to sound cool or stay quiet just because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing. Over-impressing someone will sometimes affect the way you act and he will notice you to be fake and unnatural eventually. So, just be your real self. Always remember that he chooses you because you are you and there is no one quite like you!

Have your own life and do not cling

Ok, you fell in love with him and you want to be with him 24-7. Yeah, it sounds loving and sweet but spending all day, every day with your guy is unhealthy to the relationship. It is sweet to know that you care and feel so proud of your guy that you cannot bear to leave his side but please give him a break! Of course, he wants to spend time with you too but just not all of it! Sticking to your boyfriend like a leech is a bad idea! It is essential to keep your man wanting more. In other words, do not be a clingy sweetheart who is available 24 hours a day or sit by phone to wait for his phone call! Have time for your interests, friends and family members. Give yourself and him room to breathe, would ya? 

Learn more about him
Do not assume that you know him well just because you know his underwear size, shoe size and etc. There is always a lot to learn about a man, especially if he is the type who plays the cards close to his chest. Try to learn more about him, either from his family members or close friends. He will be amazed to know that you actually show interest and understand him.

Understand his moods
No one is jolly 24 hours a day. We all have our days when we are gloomy, sensitive and irritable. If your boyfriend has had a bad day, do not be suspicious or assume that he does not love you anymore. You may be tempted to help him to soothe his depression or bad mood but think how annoying it can be when you keep asking “Are you ok?”, “What’s the matter?” or “Anything I can do?” Try to give your boyfriend some space to do his thinking and calm his feelings. What you do not do can be more helpful than what you do at times!

Do not try to change him
You are dating him because you think he is great, right? So, accept him for who he is and appreciate the fact that nobody is perfect. It is meaningless to go out with someone and expect him to change the way he dresses, speaks or etc. What if you are dating a guy who tries to change you? Not a good idea, eh?

Feel free to express your opinion
Do not agree to whatever he suggests, because you can never agree on everything he says. Feel free to express your thoughts, likes or dislikes. Many girls are afraid to speak up because they fear that they will offend their boyfriend. You will only lose your identity if you are too watchful of what you want to say or say whatever you think he wants to hear. Many guys will appreciate if you voice your thoughts and have your own views. So, speak your mind whenever it is necessary.

Do not be overly jealous
A little jealousy is healthy for a relationship but being overly jealous will harm. Try to build more trust and be cool about his female clients or friends. Of course, if you caught him having phone sex or texting the opposite sex every night or sticking his tongue down someone else’s throat, well, that is a different story altogether…

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  1. This is such a great post, and wonderful advice for so many. What's great about this advice is that so many times, these are the exact mistakes that so many of us women make.

    Now, the hard part, is will somebody take your advice, or have to learn it the hard way. Your advice could have saved some women much heartache.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment. Much appreciated. Yeah, I believe these are the mistakes so many women make, even myself. I am still educating myself, really hard to be a good girlfriend =D

    Have a good day and thanks again for dropping by.

  3. gravatar Anonymous

    You are so right...esp. abt sticking to ur guy like anything..
    I used to be such carefree...independent soul n now hav turnd to over-loving puppy stuck to my bf...keep thinking of him n expects him to cal me often...he is in defence n cant do it...
    despite of knwing it vl worsen d matter I get angry on him for not calling....
    yestrday night only he called up n asked me to sleep as he was to watch movie,but then I kept calling him...exasperated he got v angry shouted at me...I hvnt called him since a day..but he din call me back...m so dying to cal..wat to do ? :-(

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