Is there love at first sight?

Hi all. I want to thank my blog visitors, supporters and those who had commented on my blog =D You guys are awesome. Thank you again. OK, this post is going to discuss about the existence of love at first sight. Do you or do you not believe in it? =)

Last couple of months, I was chilling out at Starbucks with my boyfriend and there was a bunch of school girls sitting next to our table. One of them told the rest that there was this guy she really fancies from her tuition class and she believes it was love at first sight. I think it was attraction at first sight though! Immediately, I questioned my boyfriend if he fell for me at first sight and the answer was No. LOL! He didn’t offend me in any ways because in reality, I believe there is NO love at first sight.

There is fascination at first sight, lust at first sight, captivation at first sight, or infatuation at first sight, but love at first sight? Hmmm… it is possible for some of you out there but for me, it is a big NO. I am not saying that it is wrong to feel in love when you met that someone. In fact, a lot of us do! In my teenage years, I fell in love easily and stupidly when I see a good looking guy (uh, who doesn’t?), became overpowered with desire and I thought it was love at first sight but I learned that I was wrong.

How can you tell that it is love the moment you have just met that someone without really knowing him? The attraction from the other person often clouds our mind causing us to feel that we are certainly and completely in love although we have never interacted with that person. I would say that this is normal because most of us have created that ideal soul mate, the fairy tale love story in our mind since adolescence.

Then again, feeling in love at first sight can be emotionally dangerous. Let me tell you why. At most times, we will be easily attracted to another person especially if you see someone who matches the criteria of a perfect partner you have formed in your mind, like a drug. This attraction may be great and pleasurable, especially if that someone reciprocates. But what if he doesn’t? Are you going to keep chasing over a shadow and flood your mind and body convincing that he is the one when he is simply uninterested? I have seen people falling into great depression because they failed to get that someone whom they perceived to be the One.

If you think that you are in love with a man you hardly know or who is not interested in you, be strong and force yourself out of the thought that he is your prince charming. Do not allow yourself to feel the unworthy pain. You may have found a man who perfectly fits your mental likeness but he may not be the one for you. Clear your mind, let go of your obsession by engaging in healthy activities or try talking to a good friend for healing.

Remember that love is more than attraction and lust. It takes time to develop and to blossom. True love is really about caring, understanding, respect, and communication that can only be achieved if two people are willing to reveal their true self to each other and compromise.


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