How to maintain a healthy relationship

Being in love is not easy, not to mention maintaining a relationship. Below are 5 simple things you can do to keep the relationship blossoming and healthy.

1) Be Honest
Never ever begin a relationship with a lie, more so when you have been in one for quite some time. Do not lie about anything, whether it is about your age, occupation, family or background. Why? It is because you will have tough time convincing him or her of any other truths once your partner finds out about your dishonesty. What may begin as a hairline fracture of a white lie, could develop into cracks, and ultimately, rifts that might push your partner further away from you and destroy your love for one another. Always remember, honesty is the best policy.

2) Listen Up
Remember in my first post on My Christmas Gift, I mentioned about my boyfriend not listening to things I said, thus making a mistake on purchasing an ideal gift for me? Yes, listening to your partner is vital. Based on a corporate survey, 80% of what employers want in a good worker is listening skill so as to avoid mistakes and miscommunication that may affect productivity. Hence, similarly in a relationship, you need to ensure that you are sensitive to your partner's wants and needs if you wish for a smooth flowing love and romance. The best way to be in the knows is by listening when your partner talks and remembering what is important. Your partner likewise will return the favor once you have showed him or her how it is done.

3) Communicate
I know that this is easier said than done because most of the time, we argue due to communication issues. "He or she does not understand me!" is the most common gripe I have heard. You cannot expect your partner to recognize your hopes and dreams unless you TELL him or her. Habits and quirkiness can be easily discovered over time but not your thoughts. Remember, your partner is just an ordinary person like you and not a mind-reader. So, start communicating.

4) Share
If you love your partner, tell him or her! Why hold back emotions when life is so short? Do not be shy for whatever your heart feels. As mentioned, your partner is not a mind-reader. So, if you are upset over something he or she said or unhappy about a particular habit, say it instead of letting it fester inside you. Communicating is the best way to keep trouble out of your mind and avoid keeping your partner at arm's length. Sharing also means caring.

5) Be affectionate
Action speaks louder than words. All talk and no play will not work if you do not display love and emotions now and then. Expressing your love in various ways also imply how much you value your partner. Little gestures such as kisses and hugs each day enhance the relationship. Also, be creative in your playfulness. For ideas to express your love, check out on 123 ways to express your love.

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