10 Worst Places To Meet Men

Hey again everyone,
2 days ago I came up with 10 best places to meet men and today, I am going to list 10 worst places to meet men ;)

An argument can be made that there are no bad places to meet men. On the other hand, folklore abounds with tales of women meeting undesirables at certain places. Oh well, whether the places themselves attract unsuitable candidates, or just bring out the worst in men, it doesn’t really matter! The following is a list of danger zones!

Bars or Clubs
While sometimes couples do get married from a chance meeting in a bar, often guys who are out drinking with the boys are out for one thing only. If you are just looking for a quick fling, a bar may be a perfect choice, but if you want a serious relationship, be wary of men who hang out in bars.

Relationships between co-workers can work out, but inter-office romance is fraught with hazards. Believe me; I have been through the worst! It may be frowned upon by management or even forbidden. If it is not, be careful anyway. Ask yourself, how you would feel about facing a co-worker everyday if things turn out sour or if he dumped you.

Hotel Bars and Restaurants
Do not expect to meet any one appropriate at these places, UNLESS you want a one-night stand. Men from these places are mostly out-of-town, looking for quick action.

Gambling Centers
These establishments attract all kinds of unsavory characters, including criminals and gangsters.

These attract mostly married men from out of town who are looking for a way to let loose.

Pool / Snooker Halls
Most of the men that frequent these joints go there for serious stick. They are there with their buddies, trying to win a game, or more probably, money. The atmosphere here is serious, not friendly.

Your Apartment Building
The same reasons that make work place a complicated place to date. Too close for comfort!

Public Transportation
You just won’t know who you are meeting. A dangerous man could follow you home, darling!

A Party at Your Ex-Boyfriend’s
If he is a friend of your ex’s, he is bound to hear choice details of your past relationships.

I know this is one of the most convenient method of meeting single men but I still doubt it is safe. I have met jerks online before, well that was history and thank God nothing really bad happened. 

So... please be extra safe ladies! =)

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  1. Well written article, many of these places offer the chance to meet shady characters (i.e. gambling centers, hotel bars). And it is a good idea to not form relationships with people from your apartment building because if it doesn't work out you will still end up seeing them everyday!

  2. sound advice indeed..agree with you :)

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  5. Thanks for all the great comments ;) you guys are awesome!

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