How to tell if he likes you? (50 ways to tell!)

It is not easy to identify whether a guy likes you as much as you are lusting after him as some guys can be rather mysterious and sometimes, their actions could give the wrong impression especially if the guy is a natural flirt who flirts which everyone, including his friends. There are also no guarantee ways to find out if a guy likes you more just than a friend, unless he tells you. Nevertheless, here are 50 suggested ways to tell if a guy is interested in you.

1)  He ignores you - Guys can be really weird. If a guy is interested in you, he may find it quite impossible to strike a conversation with you. Some guys are afraid if they may sound like an idiot to you.

2) He fidgets when you are around him – He is definitely hooked if he acts uncomfortable or portrays any habit that makes him look insecure such as playing with his hair, biting his nails, blushes or sweats when you are around. 

3) He stumbles over his words – A guy who fancies you will find it difficult to phrase his words and thoughts! All of a sudden, simple words like “Hi” are hard to pronounce and he shutters when he speaks to you.

4) He speaks differently with you – If a guy likes you, he will sound very much different when he talks to you than to other people.  

5) He can’t really look into your eyes – Some guys just can’t look into your eyes when he talks to you. However, some may make eye contact with you and then pull away immediately.

6) He asks your friends about you – He is pretty keen if he is trying to dig for info on you from your friends or colleagues and talks a lot about you with them.

7) You are introduced to his friends – He is not reluctant to introduce you to his circle of friends and to include you in his social activities.

8) His friends are friendly to you – It is pretty obvious that he has been telling his mates about you and how much he wants to know you better.

9) His best friend tells you that he likes you – You don’t need any stronger proof. His best friend definitely knows better whether he is fond of you or not.

10) He shows off from time to time – He wants to draw your attention to him, even if he has to act on the smallest or goofy things.

11) He doesn’t even notice a babe walks past him – Who needs a supermodel or Angelina Jolie when you are around?

12) He intentionally brushes past you at every opportunity – Basically, he wants to make more contact with you, without being too obvious about it.

13) He pays special attention to you – A guy who likes you will notice the  slightest change or anything new on you and show concern or admiration.  

14) He starts to visit places you hang out at – If a guy is too shy to ask you out for a date, he will turn up unexpectedly at places you hang out. The coincidence thing!

15) He asks for your phone number – If a guy asks you for your phone number to make plans, it is an obvious sign that he is interested to know you more.
16) He calls you – If a guy really adores you, he will call you no matter what. So make sure you keep your mobile phone with you!

17) He doesn’t call – Some guys hesitate to call even if they have your phone number because they are so petrified that they will say something stupid and turn you off.

18) He is quiet on the phone – If he has nothing much to say and yet didn’t show any signs of ending the conversation, it doesn’t mean he dislikes or feel bored talking to you. He is probably nervous or he is actually listening to you.

19) He dates you out – A guy will definitely ask you out if he likes you. Do you need more proof?  

20) He dates you out on a Friday night – To most guys, Friday nights are their nights to hang out with their mates. A guy is pretty keen on you if he sacrifices Friday night with you instead of being with his mates.

21) He sends you flowers – Guys don’t send flowers to anyone. If he does, it shows that you are pulling his heart string. Flowers aren’t cheap you know!

22) He is always looking at you – He is absolutely smitten if you keep on noticing him staring at you wherever you are.

23) He laughs at your jokes – If a guy laughs at all your jokes when no one does, he’s think that you are the most interesting girl on the planet. No one can be that funny you know!

24) He teases you – Some guys make fun of you because they find it hard to express their feelings. If he picks on you, he is actually trying to gain your attention without embarrassing himself and wants you to remember him.

25) He tells you that you look great even without make-up – The guy is yours if he compliments how great you look without make-up, even if you know how different or unattractive you appear to be!

26) He knows what perfume you wear – If he knows the name of the perfume you are wearing, he had probably look around at the beauty counter or ask his sis or mom. Either way, he has a major crush on you.

27) He puts extra effort on his appearance – He is trying to impress you if he starts to put extra effort to fit on cool clothing or had a new hair look.

28) He starts to wear aftershave – He’s beginning to care the way he smells and he wants you to remember him when you come across the same aftershave anywhere.
29) He introduces you to his mom – If a guy introduces you to his mom, he is definitely head over heels.

30) He gets jealous – A guy will not get jealous seeing you with another guy unless he is really fond of you.

31) He tells you that none his ex-girlfriends are better than you – This means that he wants you to know that he hasn’t given his heart to anyone but you.

32) He sucks on mints – No bad breath! He is all prepared to give you a kiss if you are willing.

33) He won’t let you pay for anything on dates – He adores you so much that he is willing to blow his hard earned cash on you. Lucky you girl!

34) His mom knows your name when you called – This means that he has been talking about you to his mom! In another words, he regards you as a very special person.

35) He doesn’t mind doing anything for you – He gives you surprises, performs favors for you unconditionally and defends you in any circumstances.

36) He knows your zodiac sign – He is probable checking if you are his love match if he knows your zodiac sign.

37) He looks deep into your eyes when he talks to you – In contrast to those who dare not look into your eyes, this guy probably can’t get enough of you.   

38) He accompanies you to do your shopping – Nothing could be more boring for a guy, except if he is hopelessly into you.

39) He is never late on any dates with you – He is always punctual because he can’t wait to see you.

40) He enrolls your favorite hobby – He wants to be closer to you even if he is not interested with your hobby.
41) He remembers significant and insignificant details about you – He is sensitive to your likes and dislikes.

42) He stands or sits close to you – A guy who is interested in you may often want to be closer to you given any opportunity.
43) He smiles at you most of the time – You know he is interested if he returns your smile or initiate smiles to you at all times. 
44) His eye’s pupils dilated – If a guy is really into you, his pupils will dilate when he is talking to and looking at you.

45) His pants will bulge – You can be somehow assured he is interested in you if his pants bulged when he is with you (be careful, it may be purely lust!)

46) He wants to fix your hair – This is a perfect excuse for him to have physical contact with you in a not-so-forward type of way.

47) He makes time for you – If a guy really adores you, he is willing to make some time for you no matter how busy he is.

48) He tells you that you look like a movie star – He admires your beauty and it means he is also fantasizing about you.

49) He buys you silly little presents time to time – He is trying to hint that you are always on his mind.

50) He tells you that he is happy if you are happy – He cares for your feelings and supports you when you are down.

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  1. I'm married , but I will definatley be telling my friends to visit this site. Very comprehensive.

  2. thanks nina for the kind comment. Do follow my blogs if you like them =)

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    its perfect :)

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    Thank You very much =)

  5. Informative. :)) Thanks a lot. <3

  6. gravatar Leyla

    HA! made my least 40 of them are happening in my life for the last couple month. Which is very sweet and amazing :) THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH <3333

  7. nice article .. so happy that i found your blog.. very awesome .. gonna tell my friends bout this .. thanks.

  8. gravatar Anonymous

    Really helpful!!!! :) He always does number 12,16, and 46

  9. gravatar Anonymous

    But what If he does that with every girl he talks to but insists that he only likes two girl and what if he'll text you all night and say love ya as a friend then Soon just says love ya and what if he's a huge flirt with everyone and walks close to you and tackles you and wraps his arms around you because he's 'pushing' you down??? PLEASE HELPP!!!! SOOON!!

  10. gravatar Anonymous

    What if a guy says your pretty but undateable??

  11. ummm,this boy i like he doesn't act weird around me but ive seen him look at me he talks to me ive been told by my friend that he likes me

  12. gravatar Sapphire M.

    Hi! My name is Sapphire and I'm in 6th grade. I have a middle school crush and I want to tell him that I like him because he is a cool guy. The only thing that is stopping me is my shyness. Does anyone have any good advice? Please reply or email me at crystalplata85@yahoo. Thanks!

  13. gravatar Anonymous

    Um, really good friends can do some of this stuff, too.

  14. gravatar Anonymous

    Most of these happen to me. The guy im with is amazing. Thank you <3

  15. gravatar Jade Amanda

    This is so perfect, it's so informative but not stuffed with heaps of paragraphs! Thank you , i love it! <3

    Jade xxx

  16. gravatar Anonymous

    Thanks now I know

  17. gravatar Anonymous

    Omg I can't believe it but thomas doesn't look straight in my eyes he tends to try to stand closest to me he listens to what I say and interestingly enough he has in fact asked my friends about me

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